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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stripes: Stripped Down

I love stripes. Always have. I remember one of my favourite gymnastics bodysuits (yes I was a competitive gymnast), was a full length unitard (yikes) that was black in the back, light surf green in the front with a cream racing stripe running down each side. Essentially three giant stripes made up my suit.

At a party we hosted in Toronto a few years ago, a girl came who I didn't know well and who had never been to our place before. I remember her saying "boy you like stripes." I hadn't given it too much thought, but then I looked around our apartment and saw we had a striped duvet cover, a striped shower curtain, a striped couch and I was wearing a striped dress. I think I may have even bought striped paper plates for the party.

Here's an outfit that I wore the other day. Here I mix stripes. Mixing patterns and prints can be a mildly intimidating process. This is about a 0.5 on the difficulty scale of mixing patterns as I keep the print and the colour the same and I'm only mixing two items. The only thing that I change up is the scale of the stripe. (Note: that even the background in the photo is kind of striped)

For some serious print/ pattern mixing check out the Glamourai blog. Man does she have some crazy good style, she also is an expert pattern/ print mixer.

My Outfit

Striped 80s T-shirt Dress: deLuxe Junk Co.
Wide Black Belt: Thrifted
Striped Wool Scarf: Club Monaco
Leather Jacket: Mackage

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