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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lilian Ivy

Hello there!

This is my lovely grandmother, Lilian Ivy, she passed away just a couple of weeks ago and this is my favourite photo of her, she's in the left corner at her brother's wedding, the dress and the flower! I am now thinking how great a vintage lingerie (a growing passion) store would be named after my two wonderful grannies, Yvonne and Lilian, now that would be sweet, thus also giving us license to further collect lacey knickers and bed jackets....the only thing with vintage lingerie is lying on the buttons isn't really that comfortable...

Look it's Noel, looking quite fabulous here too, this week I took a picture of Noel to my hairdresser and said please give me his haircut, she did a pretty good job too, what I love about this picture of Noel is that he's wearing a frilly shirt and we just posted a frilly shirt this morning in the store, the planets are aligned! If you don't know dear Noel, you must youtube the Boosh and the crack fox, tried to put a link but internet slower than a pigeon bringing a note in it's beak...

Amy x.

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