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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brunch Bribes

Need some help from friends to take Etsy pics? brunch bribe! they'll be putty in your hands! After strawberries, wholewheat English muffins, scrambled eggs and tomatoes with basil, garlic and fennel sausage a good friend was happily posing and snapping away, here's some of her handy work below. Plates above are the exact 1970's plates I had at home as a kid, found them on ebay, they are Crown Lynn made in NZ, love those sunflowers, the memories.

Dove Gray Medium Fit Skirt

High Waisted Teal Linen Skirt SOLD

Khaki Skirt SOLD

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sequin Sea

I think most women love a little sparkle in their wardrobe. I'm not talking about the beauty pageant variety, but a sequin top or sparkly shoe for cocktails? Absolutely.

I was recently reminded of this notion when a group of my friends travelled to Las Vegas for our friend Alex's 30th birthday. I wasn't able to partake in the festivities (i.e. rolling around on the casino floor), but I was able to be a part of some of the pre-trip shopping. The ladies took it to a whole new level of sparkly. I think the bedazzler was set to high that weekend.

Here's a close-up of Alex's sequined leggings which look amazing on her mile long legs.

Last month I also got to indulge my inner beauty pageant contestant. I bought an amazing red sequined vintage dress last fall and hadn't had the opportunity to wear it.....until recently. My man and I had tickets to the Gold Medal Olympic Hockey Game. As we were cheering for Canada (apologies to our US readers) and being that this was one of the most historic sporting events in Canada's history, we thought it would be appropriate to dress up. So I wore the dress. What I love about the dress is that while it's bright, red and sequined, it has a demure shape.

Here's me after we won GOLD with Dean Caten (of DSquared2) who also happened to be celebrating in Vancouver that night. He might have been "celebrating" a little more heavily than we were...

Apparently sparkles and sequins are big for spring. Here are some sparkly things in our shop...

Gold Pencil Skirt

Shades of Mauve Dress

Black and Gold 70s Disco Dress

Silver Metallic Heels

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ione brought cookies with me.

Today I was reminded of a rather hilarious Xmas couple years ago when I went to a friend's intimate Xmas dinner he had bought and cooked entirely alone and wonderfully, we all took champagne, dessert, you know the usual Holidays goodies. Turns out another guest knew singer Ben Lee, he came along and brought his girl, the actress Ione Skye. So, Xmas, there's guests, there's amazing food, there's champagne. At. Xmas. Guess what they brought?.....a bag of wholefoods cookies. Who does that? I've always wanted to share that. Here have some Moet Ben & Ione, oh ummm yes sure I'll have a wholefoods coconut cookie thanks. There it's out in the universe I'll let it go now.

photo courtesy of WireImage, not entirely sure we can use it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miss Edwina White

Spotted leopard

Poker Faces

Remembering Isabella

Tiffany's Party

These beautiful works of art are by our dear friend Edwina White, an established lass whose artwork continues to delight and astound us...
If you click on her site above, the wonderful homepage has a surprise that may just have the same effect on you.

Here she is below getting a bit silly on champagne and dressing up in Sweet Clothes Of Mine's Fuchsia Dress, she looked mighty fine too though we realized the dress needs a slip!
We hope you enjoy Edwina's site where there is also some fabulous animated action.

Friday, March 19, 2010

85 Dresses and Counting

I love dresses. I LOVE dressing in dresses. I love when other people are dressed in dresses. I have about 85 dresses in my closet. Many of them are vintage or thrifted. I even registered a blog called 85 dresses and counting just because I liked the name so much.

Here are 85 reasons why I love a dress:

1. One article of clothing and you are dressed, not counting undergarments, unless you go commando (don’t worry we don’t judge).

2. There is a dress for every occasion. Seriously. Work, beach, cocktails, dinner, shopping, travel. Well at least there is a dress for every occasion in my life (because that’s my life in six words). Oh and the gym. I guess you can’t wear a dress to the gym. Tennis skirt to tennis I suppose.

3. Okay so just the two reasons. If you want 83 more, email us and I’ll send you a list.

In honour of the dress here are a few favourites of mine right now...

I loved everything from the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Louis Vuitton show, but this is the one that I would buy if I could:

Timeless Vixen is one of my favourite shops on Etsy. Such beautifully detailed dresses. This is my current favourite in the shop:

It’s a tossup for my favourite in our shop- 70s and striped or flirty and pink:

More spring dresses coming soon to the shop!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brown as a nut!

Love these shades-of-brown styles from some of our favorite Etsy sellers! (listed underneath)

Vintage Levi Working Gal's Slacks

70's TOBACCO Leather Italian Made Slingback Cut Out Low Heels size 8

Vintage 60s Boho Pom Pom Sweater (XS-S)

olive green/tan velour novelty 'Las Vegas' rose coin purse with faux wood grain kiss lock frame.


Vintage 70s Floral Leaf Print Day Dress M L


Sleek Tiki... A Late 50s Hawaiian Print Aloha Slim Wiggle Dress


We've gone a little nutty brown ourselves....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Out Damn Sock!

Because I just spent 2 weeks here....
not wearing socks is suddenly very appealing!
but not in a Miami Vice kind of way, what did happen to Don Johnson....
these are some sweet shoes now in our shop, no socks required.
Amy x.

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