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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What we kept...

Hello! It's funny how hard it is to switch off buying for yourself when thrifting or browsing in vintage stores, and start buying with others in mind! Adrienne and I have shopped for just us for so long that it's a real re-train of the brain, when we just went to St Louis we found equal amounts of great things for us and others, luckily! When we got back I realized everything I bought for me was in a very neutral beige or ivory, almost like they were all canceling each other out....the good thing about shopping with Adrienne is that she's colour gal so we always get a mix, and boy our stuff couldn't be different but we love it all! Above is one of my fave finds from the trip, we found an amazing store that was closing down & these ivory linen pants called my name....unfortunately there's a tear in the back that I need to get mended but the waist and little calf buckles are perfect!

So....I am wondering whether to get them mended with a neutral fabric or one of these vintage hankies given to me by my boyfriend's mother, Joanie. They belonged to her mother though so I'm unsure if having your loved one's grandmother's hankies on the seat of your pants is appropriate? (any mending suggestions welcome!)

Next on the neutral trail was this delicate crochet number, love it but am pretty sure each time I wear it a tiny rip appears, one day it's just going to fall off me in a little sad pile of thread on the floor.

This is another GREAT vintage store, Borough Vintage (also on Etsy here) we found in our last 10 minutes of shopping in St LOuis, such a cool spot, so well merchandised and easy to shop...so easy in fact that within 10 minutes Adrienne and I both had new coats, I've barely taken it off since and it nearly completes the neutrality when paired with the beige pastel flower scarf found at Alice's, do wish it wasn't closing down....

Alice's turned out to be a real treasure trove and so discounted it was hard not to walk out with the whole store (Victorian, 20's, 30's...all the way up....oooh la la!), the last thing I couldn't refuse there was this silk fringed thingy, had hoped it'd enforce me to make my bed but alas it just got me tangled up in fringe so it now resides on a chair untouched except by the cat....

Well it's been a weird old week getting our heads around this Etsy stuff and just generally falling in love with all the great stores on it...thanks so much to Kristina at Beulahveda for her Twittering about our new store! What a nice bunch everybody is....enjoy your weeks and please stay in touch!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lilian Ivy

Hello there!

This is my lovely grandmother, Lilian Ivy, she passed away just a couple of weeks ago and this is my favourite photo of her, she's in the left corner at her brother's wedding, the dress and the flower! I am now thinking how great a vintage lingerie (a growing passion) store would be named after my two wonderful grannies, Yvonne and Lilian, now that would be sweet, thus also giving us license to further collect lacey knickers and bed jackets....the only thing with vintage lingerie is lying on the buttons isn't really that comfortable...

Look it's Noel, looking quite fabulous here too, this week I took a picture of Noel to my hairdresser and said please give me his haircut, she did a pretty good job too, what I love about this picture of Noel is that he's wearing a frilly shirt and we just posted a frilly shirt this morning in the store, the planets are aligned! If you don't know dear Noel, you must youtube the Boosh and the crack fox, tried to put a link but internet slower than a pigeon bringing a note in it's beak...

Amy x.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Etsy Bitsy blog post!


So here's St Louis, the arch! We were told a bunch of times to go up it....but we didn't. Our hotel was however directly beside it so this fabulous view greeted us as we headed out with our rental car and GPS unit we named Margaret, she was good to us but occasionally declared she was recalculating...anyhoo, she got us to some great spots and we shopped till our snowboots dropped off (it was cold there, just a bit). First night we stayed in wacky huge old mansion, was pretty sweet, one of those fake fire things in the room and a couple hundred movies to choose from. Obsession with Bette Midler in The Rose resulted, the sequins! the trailing scarves! the drug addiction! the....well you get the idea, how'd we miss that? maybe because we were aged 7 and 2 when it came out.

Now that we are back in NYC (Ades leaves tomorrow, we'll be separated!) it's all about getting the Etsy stuff loaded, hope you like it, we want to keep this blog going as a musings type thing, next on the agenda is some logo tees and bags, so many people love Mr Reardon's logo that we think it's a great idea to have you walking around with it on your person! Well best we go get ready to take that very man out for a big old dinner to thank him for his considerable art skills, we would say a pomegranate martini is in order, or 3!

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