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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Victorian Birthday

This week coming is my birthday, and so far it's proving to be quite Victorian. Let it be said I'd like nothing more to be transported back to the late 19th Century, I'd be more than happy ringing a bell for tea (reality is I'd be more likely answering it). I truly am a sucker for anything Victorian, nothing pleases me more than a good old Masterpiece Theater and glass of wine on a Friday night. My birthday this week involves a 3 and an 8 (choose which order, it's fine). Dear friends are well aware of this Victorian passion and are used to going into a meditative state when I start talking about domestic violence in the Tenant of Wildfell Hall but this birthday they sure got it right with the old gifts! A fellow Piscean gave me this truly stunning Victorian jacket, bodice number above, wow, it's amazing...the fabric! the chartreuse colour!

Another dear friend handmade these ridiculously gorgeous cards below, with my initials in the corner, Victorian lady on bike....turn it over, it's the lady from behind! Each envelope includes a little torn piece of Victorian goodness also....beautiful!

These two below are more from my growing Victorian collection, the black velvet bolero I found in an incredible store called Vanessa's in Baltimore, this store is insanely cheap and Vanessa will keep you occupied and digging for literally hours. Once when I was there I picked up a gorgeous silk slip, in NYC this would run close to $100, she charged me $5, and seemed fairly apologetic as it had a barely-there tear, go there if you can!

This weekend our Etsy store goes on vacation for two weeks, as soon as I get back I'm taking up this Victorian pastime below, photo collage, would also love to start a book club, how can I find other Victorian ladies?!
Amy x

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter White

Both Adrienne and I love crisp and clean white, which is a bonus seeing as she lives in Vancouver and is surrounded by skiers, skaters and boarders right now, and I'm in NYC which is getting a blanket of snow each week it seems, though it's not a blanket is it? It falls and we rush to the window "it's snowing!" and then within 5 minutes we are dodging the enormous icy puddles like moats (no bridge here, move on), there's no longevity with New York snow, it's like dairy free ice-cream or an H&M sweater (when has one ever kept you actually warm?). Anyhoo, all this gray sleety, slushy business means wearing white anything on your feet would be foolhardy which is a bummer because all those lovely creamy soft suede-y vintage lace-ups and boots out there are calling our name! Here's some snow that actually ventured into my apartment yesterday, I'm pretty sure it was trying to say "let me in, I can stay just like this! I can stay white just let me innnnnnnnn".....we hope we can find a home for these wonderful winter white shoes below, somewhere the snow is puffy and white....and there's a wardrobe...and a fawn....

Amy x.

Monday, February 15, 2010

If finding amazing second hand coats was an Olympic sport, I’d be a highly decorated medalist...

Speaking of the Olympics…have you heard they are happening in my backyard? Did you see that Arnold Schwarzenegger carried the Olympic torch? We Canucks are still scratching our toque-laden heads on that one. Nothing says Canadian Olympic Spirit like a former Austrian body-builder turned American actor turned California Governor who admitted to using steroids.

Some people find it hard to believe that I love sports (both watching and playing) AND fashion. Well folks, it is possible. It’s also possible to be a sports fan AND look fashionable while doing it.

Also, because I believe thrifting shares some of the same ideals as the Olympic spirit (effort, struggle and refusal to give up) I thought I would share with you some of my Canadiana vintage items that I plan on wearing during the Games.

My 1974 off-white wool Hudson’s Bay Coat with sheep skin collar, hand embroidery and chrome details may be one of my best finds ever and was only…wait for it….five dollars. It fits me like a glove, is toasty warm and is a classic Canadiana piece. Perfect for the Olympics.

This is me bundled up on the side of the road somewhere between Vancouver and Whistler. Thanks Marguerite for the photo!

Read about the history of the Hudson Bay Blanket and the blanket coats here.

Next up is my authentic Cowichan Sweater. These beauties are so cozy and scream “hello I’m from British Columbia.”

Read about the Cowichan sweater here.

Last up is my Ol’ English Duffle Coat. I don’t know why this feels sport’s fannish, but it does. I‘ve had this second hand duffle coat in my closet for years. My very good friend Sheila sent it to me when I first moved to Toronto to help keep me warm. It’s been a staple in my closet ever since. Think I’ll wear it with my new Hudson’s Bay toque (see photo above). Any good Canadian wouldn’t be caught dead at an Olympic event without a toque.

Looking for your own vintage, sport's themed clothing? Check out our 1970s ski jacket for sale here. Go Canada go!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time for a Valentine

So he's my Valentine today because two years ago I came to him for this Victorian Octopus lady.

and his first gift was this Victorian hair locket.

then he drew this woodland radio.

then he whipped up a logo.

and he collects snow.

he's my Valentine!
Amy x.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So one of our favourite stores on Etsy is having a giveaway:


and as yesterday we were all snowed in thought I might enter, I don't have a full length
mirror however and in general don't like pics of myself so it was thus quite a challenge but couple of tweets later with the lovely fabgabs revealed that it could be just a snapshot...no need to injure oneself using the bathroom cabinet mirror, iphone and unshaved legs! brilliant!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What We Kept: Part Two

It’s true, as Amy mentioned, I love colour. I’m always attracted to greens, blues and yellows. I’ve actually been trying to buy more neutrals lately as nothing in my closet goes together. I’m also always attracted to bright patterns. Particularly stripes. I love the little buggers. Big, wide, small multi-coloured and tonal. I just love ‘em. Here’s a heap of bright things I bought in St. Louis.

By far my favourite item I found for myself was this striped jewel-toned topper coat. Who says you can't wear horizontal stripes? Not me.

“One of these things is not like other” kind of sums up the beige wiggle dress I bought. That being said, I love it and can’t wait to wear it. The detailing around the top is my favourite bit.

Here’s a close-up of the flower detailing. Gorgeous.

Do you like brights too? We've got lots of bright clothing coming your way for spring!

Ladies, bring a plate.

So on Sunday the boy and I went to the Met for a drawing exhibit, which was ok though way too many people, but the best thing which made me clap my hands a bit was a Victorian photo collage show which was amazing (have been born in wrong century), little watercolours and drawings with cut out photos scattered in them, seems it was a pastime among Victorian ladies and I want to start it, one lady had drawn a turkey and put little pics of all her family in the feathers. While at the Met I kind of fell in love with these portraits of ladies, I am not into the ladies so to speak but there's something fairly wonderful about these paintings and in particular their clothes...so starting from the bottom above here is the lovely; Judith, A girl in riding habit (everyone should have one), Comtesse de la Tour-Mauberg, Portia and Salome (who is my favourite and coincidentally is the name of my lawyer who dresses rather differently)....Amy x.
p.s. these photos were taken very secretly with a slight frown as if I were reading a confusing text message, but snap!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rebel Rug Dilemma

You know when you have a piece of clothing you somehow love but at the same time feel like an imposter when you wear it?
Sometime last year a friend Bonnie hosted a clothing swap, it was just so fun (and must be repeated very soon), bunch of girls, armfuls of cast-offs strewn on the floor, there was a fab mix of styles and tastes so plenty of options and it kept us happily digging and trying on for a couple of hours....after a bit there was scarcely much left, we had all bundled up a few goodies and happily traded things we just couldn't face wearing anymore. Before we started packing up I noticed what looked like a really nice piece of floral carpet folded up on the floor, turns out it was this crazy carpet jacket above. Everyone had just kind of picked around it as it was just a bit too wacky, I felt a little sorry for it on the floor and tried it on for a bit of a laugh. It quickly became one of those great clothing debates, the girls argued that I would see it on a girl in my neighbourhood and say to myself "I wish I had the balls to wear that crazy cool thing" so they said why shouldn't I take it and be that girl who wore it. This is all good in theory and I have worn it & sure enough each time someone says, that's a really great jacket, what is it? carpet? More often than not it hangs on the back of my closet and I just can't decide whether to keep it, put it on the floor for the cat to sleep on or maybe Ades and I should Etsy-it for someone who I know will fall in love with it's floral splendours.... just what shall we do with this rebel rug garment? It's weirdly comforting to see it hanging there though, like a possibility that one day it'll be the perfect weather for a hooded floral carpet jacket. For now it's right next to the gold lurex 1960's super duper tight dress that is equally upholstery-like and not yet worn....at least not yet in public.

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