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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter White

Both Adrienne and I love crisp and clean white, which is a bonus seeing as she lives in Vancouver and is surrounded by skiers, skaters and boarders right now, and I'm in NYC which is getting a blanket of snow each week it seems, though it's not a blanket is it? It falls and we rush to the window "it's snowing!" and then within 5 minutes we are dodging the enormous icy puddles like moats (no bridge here, move on), there's no longevity with New York snow, it's like dairy free ice-cream or an H&M sweater (when has one ever kept you actually warm?). Anyhoo, all this gray sleety, slushy business means wearing white anything on your feet would be foolhardy which is a bummer because all those lovely creamy soft suede-y vintage lace-ups and boots out there are calling our name! Here's some snow that actually ventured into my apartment yesterday, I'm pretty sure it was trying to say "let me in, I can stay just like this! I can stay white just let me innnnnnnnn".....we hope we can find a home for these wonderful winter white shoes below, somewhere the snow is puffy and white....and there's a wardrobe...and a fawn....

Amy x.

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