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Friday, March 19, 2010

85 Dresses and Counting

I love dresses. I LOVE dressing in dresses. I love when other people are dressed in dresses. I have about 85 dresses in my closet. Many of them are vintage or thrifted. I even registered a blog called 85 dresses and counting just because I liked the name so much.

Here are 85 reasons why I love a dress:

1. One article of clothing and you are dressed, not counting undergarments, unless you go commando (don’t worry we don’t judge).

2. There is a dress for every occasion. Seriously. Work, beach, cocktails, dinner, shopping, travel. Well at least there is a dress for every occasion in my life (because that’s my life in six words). Oh and the gym. I guess you can’t wear a dress to the gym. Tennis skirt to tennis I suppose.

3. Okay so just the two reasons. If you want 83 more, email us and I’ll send you a list.

In honour of the dress here are a few favourites of mine right now...

I loved everything from the Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Louis Vuitton show, but this is the one that I would buy if I could:

Timeless Vixen is one of my favourite shops on Etsy. Such beautifully detailed dresses. This is my current favourite in the shop:

It’s a tossup for my favourite in our shop- 70s and striped or flirty and pink:

More spring dresses coming soon to the shop!

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