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Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Dressing: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Mmmm...Just Right:

I find early spring dressing difficult and often feel like I have a case of "the Goldilocks". Too cold for bare legs. Too warm for boots and tights. I don’t wear dress pants very often and I can’t wear jeans every day.

I do have some dresses and skirts that work for both winter and summer and I tend to gravitate to them. Wearing them with lighter coloured tights and flats/ heels or without tights but with boots is usually my solution.

If you love pants (I don’t as I find it hard to find one’s that fit me properly), try them with a more spring/summery shoe and a light trench coat. Trenches also look great with lighter weight fabric dresses and certain types of boots (i.e. slightly bohemian). The fashion peeps call the articles that work for this time of year “transition pieces”.

What’s your favourite transition piece or what are your suggestions for unpredictable early spring weather?

Here are some good transition pieces in our Etsy shop:

Airy floral dress with some nice boots...

Classic trench with some jeans and ballet flats...

Cobalt blue blazer over a floral dress...

Dove Grey Skirt with a jean jacket and boots...

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