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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Socco* Stylin'

Have you been following the World Cup? What about some of the World Cup fashions? The fans and players always have great sporto looks, but I’m loving what the managers are wearing on the sidelines. The Germans have these impeccably tailored trench coats with scarves. While the English are sporting lovely grey suits.

In honour of the World Cup, I've picked out some outfits that represent the eight teams that are left in the competition. With these vintage pieces from Etsy sellers, you can be supportive of your team and still look stylish (and not like a Football hooligan). Although that look is completely acceptable for the next few weeks if that's your thing.


Catch David Villa's eye in this lovely tiered Bohemian Dress from the Maiden Vintage.


Store your face paint, stats, camera and team scarf in this stylish Parguayan Cowhide Briefcase from Time Echo Vintage.


Will Ghana stampede it's way through to the semi's? Find out while looking good in this Elephant Wrap Skirt from Wildfell Hall.


They may not go with your yellow and green, but these Brazilian Sandals would look great with an itsy bitsy bikini on Ipanema Beach.


In between games you'll need something to do. What about a game of Canasta with this vintage Canasta Card Set from Sunny Day Vintage. Did you know Canasta was invented in Uruguay?


Get your gaucho on in these fantastic Argentinian Riding Boots from jessjamesjake.


Of course if you wear orange and support the Dutch, you are going to need some clogs to complete your outfit. Sweet Clothes of Mine just happens to have two pairs of clogs.


Enjoy a beer and sausage while you take in the game in this Cobalt Blue Dirndl from Dear Golden Vintage.

* Super Socco was a Canadian sports drink for kids in the 80s. Check out the amazing super socco ad from the 80s here.


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