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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Green Eyed Thrifting Monster

It's a fact that NY is a great city, tons of stuff to do, city that never sleeps and all that, but when it comes to thrifting, this city royally sucks. $20 for a t-shirt is not a thrift store price and neither is $40 for shoes....so unfortunately I sometimes get a case of the green eyed monster when I see other vintage ladies on Twitter announcing a carload of thrifted goodies. This dilemma has turned me into the Marco Polo of thrifting, I go in search of vintage all over the city and beyond, determined to find pockets of clothing I can in fact re-sell. A wonderful source this summer is stoop sales, there's a neighborhood in Brooklyn which seems to have sprouted at least 5 vintage-stocked stoop sales per weekend. So far I have met a stylist selling 12 years of vintage inventory, an antiques dealer who sells slightly damaged goods every few weeks outside her apartment and one incredibly lovely lady who has stacks of vintage patterns, magazines and clothes lined up outside her apartment building. $5 1940's dress? yes please! $15 Edwardian robe...yes! these are like my own teeny thrift stores right out on the street....which makes me very much dread winter and these vintage ladies retreating indoors with their wares....

cat picture above source: ekaputra blog

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