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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bonfire of the Vanities

Just three sweet pieces this week, a wee jaunt through the 80's, come early January there's going to be a giant leap to the 60's and we can't wait, Missouri here we come, our hotel is a 'hunter's paradise', and they don't mean hunting for thrift...email us for anything posted here!


The Melanie Griffith Suit
skirt (S), jacket (S-M), both

Seems the old runway was loaded with boxy 80's blazers for Winter '09, many shows were harking back to the power suits of 20 years ago (20 years ago!). Now if this Dries number above is a little out of your price range we have a perfectly preserved Liz Claiborne shoulder padded extravaganza right here for, cut straight across & featuring a sweet single button to bring it altogether at the waist. We are selling these pieces separately as they are sized slightly oddly in that the skirt is for sure a 0-2, (waistband is labeled a 'petite 2'), whereas the blazer would fit a small to medium build rather easily. Blazer & skirt are lined with a peach silky fabric, both in power-fabulous 80's condition. Blazer measures 12.5" or 36cm from shoulder to padded shoulder, length is 20" or 50cm. Skirt hits just above the knee and measures 20" in length, waistband is 24" or 48cm, also features small 7" slit at the back & side pockets for relaxed pose while milling around the water cooler. Is Melanie still with Antonio?

Metallica Heels

Tuck in those acid wash stirrup pants and ride the lightening! Super cool 80's heels in perfect condition. Made by Margaret J who got crazy with this layered silver beige, cream Aztec wave pattern. These heels are perfect for tights or a good old bare leg, a size 6.5 & 9" in full length, they are 3" wide so a pretty generous 6.5. Now go tease your hair before you email us!

Sunny Side Up Wedges

Now here's the sweetest ray of sunshine for your feet! yes, yes we know it's roughly below freezing outside but in some glorious parts of the world the sun is shining! these bright yellow sandals by Merona are just what the sun doctor ordered and in a very wearable size 8, just over 10" full length. A sturdy canvas material & in fabulous condition, these bright babies feature lovely curved wedge heel and adjustable strap. Nice.

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