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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Etsy Bitsy blog post!


So here's St Louis, the arch! We were told a bunch of times to go up it....but we didn't. Our hotel was however directly beside it so this fabulous view greeted us as we headed out with our rental car and GPS unit we named Margaret, she was good to us but occasionally declared she was recalculating...anyhoo, she got us to some great spots and we shopped till our snowboots dropped off (it was cold there, just a bit). First night we stayed in wacky huge old mansion, was pretty sweet, one of those fake fire things in the room and a couple hundred movies to choose from. Obsession with Bette Midler in The Rose resulted, the sequins! the trailing scarves! the drug addiction! the....well you get the idea, how'd we miss that? maybe because we were aged 7 and 2 when it came out.

Now that we are back in NYC (Ades leaves tomorrow, we'll be separated!) it's all about getting the Etsy stuff loaded, hope you like it, we want to keep this blog going as a musings type thing, next on the agenda is some logo tees and bags, so many people love Mr Reardon's logo that we think it's a great idea to have you walking around with it on your person! Well best we go get ready to take that very man out for a big old dinner to thank him for his considerable art skills, we would say a pomegranate martini is in order, or 3!

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