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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rebel Rug Dilemma

You know when you have a piece of clothing you somehow love but at the same time feel like an imposter when you wear it?
Sometime last year a friend Bonnie hosted a clothing swap, it was just so fun (and must be repeated very soon), bunch of girls, armfuls of cast-offs strewn on the floor, there was a fab mix of styles and tastes so plenty of options and it kept us happily digging and trying on for a couple of hours....after a bit there was scarcely much left, we had all bundled up a few goodies and happily traded things we just couldn't face wearing anymore. Before we started packing up I noticed what looked like a really nice piece of floral carpet folded up on the floor, turns out it was this crazy carpet jacket above. Everyone had just kind of picked around it as it was just a bit too wacky, I felt a little sorry for it on the floor and tried it on for a bit of a laugh. It quickly became one of those great clothing debates, the girls argued that I would see it on a girl in my neighbourhood and say to myself "I wish I had the balls to wear that crazy cool thing" so they said why shouldn't I take it and be that girl who wore it. This is all good in theory and I have worn it & sure enough each time someone says, that's a really great jacket, what is it? carpet? More often than not it hangs on the back of my closet and I just can't decide whether to keep it, put it on the floor for the cat to sleep on or maybe Ades and I should Etsy-it for someone who I know will fall in love with it's floral splendours.... just what shall we do with this rebel rug garment? It's weirdly comforting to see it hanging there though, like a possibility that one day it'll be the perfect weather for a hooded floral carpet jacket. For now it's right next to the gold lurex 1960's super duper tight dress that is equally upholstery-like and not yet worn....at least not yet in public.

1 comment:

  1. i think it's FANTASTIC! be bold - wear it all the time!

    or, um, depending on the measurements... my birthday is may 15th ;)


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