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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ladies, bring a plate.

So on Sunday the boy and I went to the Met for a drawing exhibit, which was ok though way too many people, but the best thing which made me clap my hands a bit was a Victorian photo collage show which was amazing (have been born in wrong century), little watercolours and drawings with cut out photos scattered in them, seems it was a pastime among Victorian ladies and I want to start it, one lady had drawn a turkey and put little pics of all her family in the feathers. While at the Met I kind of fell in love with these portraits of ladies, I am not into the ladies so to speak but there's something fairly wonderful about these paintings and in particular their clothes...so starting from the bottom above here is the lovely; Judith, A girl in riding habit (everyone should have one), Comtesse de la Tour-Mauberg, Portia and Salome (who is my favourite and coincidentally is the name of my lawyer who dresses rather differently)....Amy x.
p.s. these photos were taken very secretly with a slight frown as if I were reading a confusing text message, but snap!

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