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Friday, June 4, 2010

Not So Neutral on Neutrals

Normally I'm not really into neutral things. Decisions: make one. Colour: wear some. Sides: pick one. I do like the Swiss though, especially their chocolate (thanks Cousin T.).

Neutral shoes however are a whole different cup of tea. I love them. And I love them for a variety of reasons.

1. They go with everything so you can stop worrying about matching or coordinating your shoes with your outfit. Summery dresses and skirts with a loud print or bright colour look polished with a neutral shoe. Neutral shoes also anchor denim really well and they look classic and sophisticated with your black, white or navy outfits.

2. They make your legs look longer. A neutral shoe will blend into your leg making it appear elongated as there is no break or visual interruption in the line.

3. Even if they aren’t vintage they often add a "vintagey" look to an outfit. Or maybe you aren't ready for full-fledged vintage outfits. A pair of tan, vintage shoes is a great first step into the world of all things old and awesome.

Guess what? We just happen to have a few pairs of neutral shoes in the shop.

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